Backdated Zoya Swatches

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to post some of Zoya swatches!

Adina. Lovely name, lovely polish! I love duochromes like this and this is a winner! Application was not a problem and this was 2 coats!

Nidhi. One of my most favorite reds! I love that it has gold particles in the bottle and the formula was again perfect! The bad thing is that the golden particles was not obvious on the nails after application.

Ivanka. It glitters so much that I can’t stop looking at it! It feels like I have trees on my nails covered with lots of pixie dust! This is truly magical! No problems with the formula and this was 2 coats!

Cheryl. Sad to say but… I dislike this polish!! The colour is awful… I’ve no idea why I bought this in the first place! It doesn’t compliment my skintone and it makes it even duller. I felt that I had rotten food on my nails the entire time! It looks like copper-reddish-maroon and feels metallic to me! Formula was the same as the other Zoyas mentioned.


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