Nail Foil!


I got my nail foils today!!!!! 😀 finally I saw someone selling it online and decided to grab two sets! (because by buying two sets I get 3 free bottles of foil! I AM IMPULSIVE LIKE THAT LOL) It comes with a bottle of free glue for each set, all at just $10.80/set! I’ll definitely do a tutorial once I’ve got the hang of it!

But for now, pic spam!



Flash to show the intensity of the foil finishes! IT’S GORGEOUS!




So as you can tell, I am pretty excited about these nail foils and went to try on as soon as I got home! My favourites are Fuchsia Fantasy, Disco Ball, Aqua AB, White Marble and Gold Starburst, what’s yours?

And this is the result:

I used Red Glitter because I’m having like a red base for my nails! As you can see, there’s still some bald spots 😦 pretty easy to use so I’m going to try a few more times to get the hang of it! I heard using a cotton swat to smooth down the foil will decrease the probability of bald spots but… I used it and the result is still like this!!!

Nevermind, its my first try anyway! 🙂

Thanks for reading! (you can buy the foils from:


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