Foil Manicure: Gold Starburst

Practice makes perfect right? I’ve decided to do a foil manicure again and I think I’m doing it properly this time because there’s only a few bald spots compared to my previous red glitter foil mani which failed miserably!

Photobucket Photobucket
One of my favourite foils! Look how sparkly that is!!

Not bad uh, the bald spots isn’t that visible compared to the previous one right??

Ok so… … these were without a topcoat. I actually did try one nail with Seche Vite, but this topcoat doesn’t seem to work on the foil because it loses its shine after application 😦 so I think the best thing about foil is, you don’t have to use a base coat or a top coat!!! BIG BONUS: YOUR NAILS WILL NOT GET STAINED. My nails are horrible, I should post up a picture of my bare nails. Lol, because I always feel like my nails give off the vibe ‘I AM A SMOKER’ (not offence, please!)

Anyway, I went to shower after I did my manicure and low and behold: SEVERE TIP WEAR!!! This goes to show foil manicures only last a few hours unless you find a perfect topcoat to seal it in!



Haha ok I know I shouldn’t go to bathe after doing a fresh manicure but I’m gonna redo this manicure anyway πŸ™‚

So more foil manicures coming up!!!! πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “Foil Manicure: Gold Starburst

  1. I’ve got this foil in blue! You can use a topcoat with foils, use one that is not quickdry. I went out and bought a bottle of normal topcoat from TFS and that works well. When you apply it, it will crinkle but it dries smooth plus it’s shiny! Wrap your tips with the TC and it can last for at least a day. I’ve had foil manis that lasted for 2 days, and that’s coz I used a similar coloured base polish under it.

    • Omg thanks for the tip! I find that its so hard to cover up the bald spots cus normally the glue isn’t that sticky anymore!

      Btw I am a reader of your blog and I can’t believe you came to visit mine!!! πŸ˜€


      • Lol! I’m glad to find other sgporeans who blog about nail related stuff, thanks for reading my blog :D!

        With the foils, it also depends on the design. Some transfer onto your nail easier than others! And the glue hass to be really dry too. Some are just a PITA to apply haha

      • Haha but you rarely update now! Haha I actually thought of moving to because the beauty community there is wonderful! But so hard to use!

        haha yeah but foils are so pretty and blingy!!! attract attention hahaha

  2. I still do, in fact I just did this morning! Hahaha! Onsugar is such a nice place, and I’ve met so many wonderful people thru that place. Maybe you can go play ard that site one day and see how you like it. And foils FTW!

    • haha i did create an account but after that… i’ve no idea on where to start! haha i also follow retailtherapy and icyabstract religiously haha its so good to know so many people who loves makeup/nail polishes etc!

      • Oohhh, lol, just blog where you are comfortable with, I’m enjoying reading ur blog!

        That’s prob the good thing about onsugar, many people of similar interest at one place, actually that’s why I joined it too

      • Haha thank you! I enjoy reading yours too! I actually thought of going for nail courses to get a proper cert! Any schools to recommend??

      • I’d recommend Pink Room, I went there for my course and I think they really teach and make you master the techniques well!

  3. I haven’t finished it yet, I’m too lazy to go for the makeup lsns. I’ve finished most of it, left quite a few nail art classes and a few practice ones. And it’s $4k, but it was fun and I made some gd friends πŸ™‚

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