CND Night Factory Duo

Finally, a collection swatch!

I have these two bottles sitting on my nail polish tray for a very long time since I’ve gotten it a couple of months ago! So I decided to do a full mani with them!

Urban Oasis is a teal-green but when compared to a blue colour, it looks green and vice versa. I love it! This polish is so pigmented that it flowed like butter! What you see is what you get! You can even get away with one coat!

But… Application was a little tricky because there was a flaw in the brush! It doesn’t move where I want it to be! I think I got a faulty brush but I don’t care because I simply love the colour!

Urban Oasis, 2 coats no topcoat

Next up, Teal Sparkle. As the name says it, I think it flashes more yellow and green than teal. Personally I love this shade by itself but not layered over Urban Oasis! I feel that it sort of muted that gorgeous colour. But for sparkly lovers out there, this is a must-get! (I’d probably get a few more CND Effects polishes cus I love glitter/sparkles/shimmers and I’ll get more colour combinations for my polishes!)

Urban Oasis + Teal Sparkle + Seche Vite


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