China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Blue Sparrow is a ‘relaxing’ blue with silver glitter in it. It’s neon so it dries matte! Hehe I’m off from work today so it’s time to slap on polishes with bright colours!!

No flash. Please ignore polish on my cuticles! I didn’t do a clean up!

With flash!

Here’s another one…

I added Seche Vite after 2 coats of Blue Sparrow! I don’t really like matte polishes but if you do, skip the top coat!

With Seche Vite, flash.



3 thoughts on “China Glaze Blue Sparrow

  1. i was looking reading thru this post.. and u mentioned clean up..
    can u pls pls do a video on how u do a clean up with live demonstration?
    coz im really messy and i totally hate how my cuticle area looks like after applying my nail polish..
    so pls fulfill my request!!

    • It takes practice to apply nail polish so just keep polishing your nails! I can do a clean up video but it might not be clear because I’m just using a webcam so it might be useless! Just keep practicing ^^

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