OPI DS Original

Today I finally strike off OPI DS Original from my wishlist!!!! I saw this retailing at Bishan’s BHG a month ago and I didn’t purchase it because I thought I wouldn’t NEED it. But when I went over to Bishan earlier and saw this again, I knew I had to get it because it was the second last bottle and now I can assure you that I NEED THIS!!!!! (its completely sold out online so I had to get it at double the price at BHG D:)

So anw I do not know how to describe holographic polishes so let the pics tell the tale!

This is so much better than Color Club’s Fashion Addict! I find that I love this holo much better than the latter! I think my bottle was the old OPI packaging because the bottle cap wasn’t ‘geared’ and the formula was pretty thin and diluted! But I am very sure these are authentic ones because I got it at the departmental store! I did two coats for all my nails except for my index finger, which was three!

Oh by the way, this is actually my third bottle of DS series from OPI but unfortunately it became the second bottle. I accidentally broke DS Extravagance on the floor about a month ago 😦 but I quickly ordered a new one on Transdesign so all’s good! But the fact that I have to waste money to get another bottle is frustrating!! It was my first bottle breakage. Another thing that I noticed from OPI DS Series is that the bottle seemed more fragile than their normal colours.

Thanks for looking!!! ^^


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