MAC Wonder Woman Nail Lacquers Swatches and Review

I’m so excited for today’s post!!! 😀 BAM! POW! WHOOSH! I bring you… MAC Wonder Woman Nail Lacquer Collection!

Postcard from MAC counter


I love the detailed packaging on this one! And also when you flip over the other box, it has another part of Wonder Woman image!


MAC nail polishes in this collection retail for $24/bottle. They’re slightly expensive from the normal range which is $19/per bottle because of the packaging and the licensing of Wonder Woman. That aside, I couldn’t comment on the comparisons of the quality of the polishes in this collection and the normal range because these were my first MACs polishes. MAC Wonder Woman collection consist of 2 ‘Wonder Woman’ polishes, Obey Me & Spirit of Truth.

Obey Me is a true red (as stated on MAC’s website) and the nail line is still visible after two coats.

Spirit of Truth is a navy blue (as stated on MAC’s website). Many people say that China Glaze’s First Mate is a good dupe for this.  However, First Mate is slightly darker than Spirit of Truth but not that obvious. So if you have First Mate, skip this one!

Both polishes does dry in a matte finish, its pretty rough so I’d recommend a top coat. Pictures taken are without base and top coat.


Obey Me on the index and ring finger, Spirit of Truth on my middle finger and pinkie

I have to say that applying this polish was like applying cream on the cake. Absolutely smooth and I had no problems with the brush or formula.

I have to be honest. I thought I didn’t have to run out and purchase these polishes because quite frankly, these are common colours. I can easily get other brands of polish for a cheaper price. However, the main reason why I bought these is because of the packaging. I think the majority of you who purchased something from the WW Collection was because of the packaging right?? What’s more, its limited edition.

Here’s the story on how I got these two polishes. Obey Me was OOS at the Tangs outlet and I got pretty frantic. (I like having the whole collection instead of 1 miserable item!) I had to run over to Raffles Place to get it. Wow I couldn’t believe this is the first time I travelled to somewhere deliberately just to buy a polish. MAC YOU GOT ME. I LOVE YOUR PACKAGING. I love the design, the red boxes, the white and red stars and most importantly, the design of the bottle.


Thanks for looking! 🙂


6 thoughts on “MAC Wonder Woman Nail Lacquers Swatches and Review

    • Definitely eBay! I got a set of 5 different dotting tools for only $2.80! Normal price selling for one piece was $6.90 at Far East which I think it’s crazy cuz it’s so overpriced!!!!

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