OPI Teenage Dream


Nail of the day: OPI Teenage Dream
I love the look of the subtle pink glitters in the bottle, but not so much on my nails. Personally, I think it is too light and sheer and my nails don’t look good in them. I think this will look good on short nails. I don’t know why most people like this polish. I don’t like it at all. And it’s so overpriced for this colour besides Black Shatter from the same collection(I don’t know why…)

Artificial Lighting:

With Flash:

With Sunlight:


Sigh…. it’s gonna be a hard time removing this polish. SO MANY GLITTERS!!!! Hehe I finally painted my toes yesterday with OPI DS Coronation!


2 thoughts on “OPI Teenage Dream

  1. i also dont get why people like this. so sheer on its own, want to layer over other polishes the glitter also not that bling-ish. haha

    • yeah I don’t like it also. this is like the next popular polish after Black Shatter. I think the duochromes in that collection deserve the attention than Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night!

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