Chanel Spring 2011 Le Vernis: Peche Nacree


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to feature the last polish of this collection, Peche Nacree. As the name suggests, it is a peachy colour with a pink tone to it. Extremely delicate and I love that this polish has the least visible brush strokes compared to her sisters, Black Pearl and Pearl Drop. If you missed out on my review/swatches on Black Pearl and Pearl Drop, please click here.

I mentioned before that I could not decide whether to get Peche Nacree because it is the most unpopular polish among Black Pearl and Pearl Drop. I decided to get it anyway to fill up the entire Spring 2011 collection. Peche Nacree does not have a noticeable shimmer or reflex unlike the others but if you look closely, there’s a slight pink shimmer. It looks like a regular polish so I’d suggest you skip this one and get Black Pearl or Pearl Drop instead. I still think that peach or orange doesn’t look good on my skin 😦 There is also visible nail line after 2 coats so I’d suggest doing 3-4 coats for this polish

On to the pictures! (2 coats of Peche Nacree + 1 coat of Seche Vite!)

Artificial Lighting:


With flash:

Direct Sunlight:


I’ve been pushing back my cuticles lately and it looks really horrible. I think I’m not doing it correctly. Sigh…. any suggestions??


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