OPI Canberra’t Without You


I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this polish. Do I have to emphasis while saying the first word??? Anyway I’m having a nerve wrecking moment now… results are going to be out in a few minutes!!!!! I am excited and nervous and I keep refreshing my email like a luninatic (hahahaha from Guther from ‘Shake It Up’)

Anyway today’s mani is OPI Canberra’t Without You. It is a nude colour with a tinge of peach in it and I think this is the most suitable for my skintone. I like this nude colour its one of my first nudes and first OPIs (you can see I used up like one quarter of the polish!) You can roughly tell how long this polish stayed with me because I started my nail polish obsession since November 2009.

So on to the pictures!

Artificial Lighting:

With flash:

(flash in sunlight)

Direct Sunlight:


I know some of you dislike the pic spam, so let me know if you like lesser pictures of the swatches! 🙂


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