OPI Shim-merry Chic + Parlez-vous OPI?


I got off work early yesterday and I wandered around Far East Plaza and saw Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box is a shop that rents out individual cubicles for sellers like you and me to display their products that they want to sell. So there’s a huge range of products available there… like Polaroid and Holga’s, Victoria Secret, Apparels and of cause Nail Polishes. The range wasn’t that huge considering the cubicle size but I managed to find OPI Shimmery-Chic on display and bought it even though it was $16. I figured it out it was limited edition and I couldn’t find it online so I believe the price justifies. Then I went to MAC and bought another polish hahaha (that story is for another day!)

So I painted my nails with OPI Shimmery-Chic and I was waiting for it to dry when a beetle landed in between my legs. (!!!!!!!!!) I jumped out of my chair and flicked it away like a maniac. Guess what? My nails were all ruined. Some even landed on my beautiful cream-white Helmer! So I repainted them and I smeared it when I was waiting for it to dry (again!!!!!) I got pretty fed up and went to bed. So this morning, I repainted that AGAIN…. and finally I managed to have a decent swatch. Bummer, it took me three times to get this swatch right. OPI Shim-merry Chic is a copper goldie-brown shade, with orange flakies and specs of green and blue glitter. So pretty. But the formula was a little bit thick and groopy. And there are flakies all over my fingers because I couldn’t do this manicure one-shot.



So I got sick of this colour pretty much because I repainted them thrice so I changed my mani colour. I swear yesterday and today isn’t polish-good-with-no-smears day because I smeared it when I painted Parlez-vous OPI on too. Parlez-vous OPI? is a muted grey-ish purple, sort of like a hazy colour to me but its pretty unique and I really love it. One of my favourite shades in the France collection! OPI does have good formulas for their cream shades, it goes on so smoothly.

On to the photos, shall we?




Notice I have lots of flakies all around my fingers, thanks to OPI Shim-merry Chic! Oh well, I don’t have any luck with flakies at all. My first flakie polish was Color Club’s Covered with Diamonds and it was awful. WHAT A PAIN TO REMOVE. I used it on my toes and it took about a few weeks to get it completely removed. I’d probably give that away……

I am so hyped up and excited for the upcoming OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection!!!! People are really childish when it comes to videos like this. She is just showing you the colours of the polishes, not trying to ‘give you the finger’. GEEZ. I’m loving Mermaid’s Tears, Stranger Tides, Skulls and Glossbones and of cause, Silver Shatter!

(what a long post this is!)


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