MAC Jeanius: Biker Blue Nail Lacquer Swatches and Review


I bought MAC Biker Blue two days ago, the same day which I bought OPI Shim-merry Chic. I finally saw it retailing at the MAC counter because weeks before, Frayed to Order was always there and I didn’t want it at all. Frayed to Order is a white matte with soft pink duochrome pearl. I didn’t want another pearl shade and matte definitely isn’t my favourite finish. (maybe I’ll pick that one out just because I want to complete the collection! I’m a weirdo) Polishes from this collection retail for $22 because they’re limited edition. I managed to get the last bottle of Biker Blue at Orchard Tangs, lucky me!

MAC Biker Blue is said to be a black base with purple and blue pearl and a frost finish. WHAAAT??? I definitely didn’t see any purple pearl or shimmer in the polish and neither does it have a frost finish. Here’s my take on this polish: this is definitely a blue shimmer in a black base. THAT’S IT. NO PURPLE PEARL OR FROST FINISH. In my opinion, this polish does stand out because of the crazy blue shimmer but not unique at all. I wish it did have purple in it. It’s like in the same family as China Glaze Ruby Pumps only that its blue.

With flash (under sunlight):


Direct Sunlight:


The sun wasn’t that strong today so I apologise for the bad pictures! They can’t seem to capture the beauty of the blue shimmers too. 😦 Application was great, formula was abit runny. I did three coats of Biker Blue and one coat of Seche Vite. Since the formula was runny, I can’t seem to cover my nail tips.


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