Nails Day Out: China Glaze Lemon Fizz


So this is a new segment, once in awhile I’ll do a ‘Nails Day Out’ which shows a series of photos of my nails taken with cute things throughout the day! I think this would be fun!! Its like a follow-me-around-vlog except that its in photos and my nails have to be in every picture! (Cause its kinda boring to post notd’s everyday!)

So I changed my nail colour for the night and I chose China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Its a really pale pastel yellow. It kinda looks like OPI Fiercely Fiona but I have to do a comparison swatch to be sure. But I doubt it because Fiercely Fiona has a greenish tone to it.


Application was streaky, the usual bald spots at some fingers but the second coat did cover all the bad areas.


My favourite ring at the moment, cross ring from Forever21! I have the exact same ring in gold too!


Me and the girls went to MOF, Ministry of Food for dinner! I’ve already had mine so I opted for a dessert! I love their Japanese dumplings, they’re delicious. They’re bite-sized and I think I ate about 13 of them! 😉


Hehe this little dummy bear phone strap which I bought for my best friend, Sharlene when I went to Malaysia last year! I love it when my friends do actually use the things I buy for them!



We went to Ministry of Cube after that (its something like Pandora’s Box!), lots of OPI and Essie but I resisted buying them but I got these really cute ninja pouch for only $5!!!! It was on sale so I grabbed it. I think the usual price was about $7? I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for but I just bought it because it is cute.


Next we went to Fairprice and I finally got more anti-slip mats for my Helmer! These were so expensive!!! $12.23 for a gigantic huge piece so… I think the price justifies! And I also bought a storage box for my big stash of rings! They’re actually all over the place because my ring holder ran out of space 😡 I couldn’t get the same one at Takashimaya anymore because I got mine during the Christmas sale.


And lastly, junk food!!!!!! I love these biscuits!!! I remember these were available in my primary school and were going for 50cents per packet. Its on offer now so the whole box cost only $1.50!

I hope you enjoy reading this post! 😀 I did have fun taking those photos.

Anyway, nails aside… two of my hamsters fought last night and it was bloody and horrible. My female, Wanton bit the male, Random on his nose. His nose is bloody and swollen and I have no idea what to do about the wound. I have since separated them because I am so afraid that Wanton will eventually kill Random. Now I am keeping Wanton in a separate cardboard box because I don’t have an additional cage. ;( I do exchange the hamsters in their confinement now (because the one in the cardboard box needs water and a running wheel) and then but I can’t do this permanently. Its so tiring to keep changing them back and forth. Also, I don’t get why are they fighting now when Wanton was introduced to Random a couple months back. Sigh… I think I might have to get another cage.


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