Seche Rose


I am so into nudes and pales lately! I find myself grabbing Seche Rose instead of other ‘loud’ colours! Seche Rose is a milky beige colour, and what’s pictured is 4 coats. I know… too many coats for a polish but I don’t mind. I could leave it at 2 coats but it was streaky and brush strokes can be clearly seen because the polish is sooo sheer! Despite using 4 coats, I don’t have full coverage ;( But what I like is the drying time, its super fast!

My pictures are a little off, Seche Rose is leaning more towards milky beige with yellow undertone! So obviously from the pictures, I cut off my nails last night. It was so hard to type on my phone and on the keyboard and doing simple things like opening a can!


I think the main reason for picking out a nude colour is because I’m pretty down. I am fedup with Nailvibe. Not sure whether I should be mad at Singpost or Nailvibe. But whatever. I paid for the polishes I ordered last Monday and they promised to ship out my item on Thursday. However, they shipped it out on Friday instead. I have no problems with that but today is already Thursday and there’s still no sign of my package!!!!! ARGH. I emailed them but they said it could be delayed by Singpost so I’m not really sure on who to blame. Oh well… I just hope the package reaches me safety with no breakage!


Anyway… just an update of my hammies. They’re not doing well ;( I just realised today that Wanton has a swollen eye. Which leaves me with 2 injured hamsters. I can never put them back together again. And both of them slimmed down ALOT ever since I separated them. Definitely not a good sign.


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