OPI DS Tapestry

Before I begin… … I want to rant on something that I am so upset about. Okay so I am still waiting for my package from Nailvibe. Honestly I am not complaining about their service because Cassandra who is attending to my order is very friendly and I trusted her that she said she sent out my package last Friday. It’s been a long week. My package is still not here!!!! Now I am simply mad at Singpost. I should have just opted for registered mail so I wouldn’t be so vexed about this. Sigh… now all I can do is wait. Or order another set from Nailvibe.

Also, R.I.P Wanton. My pet hammy died yesterday morning. The one that attacked Random. Weird, really weird. She wasn’t the one injured but she passed away. >;(


OPI DS Tapestry is one of my latest additions of Designer Series! I purchased this from Transdesign but this is no longer found on the site. I believe I might have bought the last few bottles of this colour, lucky me! I’m pretty determined to collect all the Designer Series by OPI, I love their formula and their exotic colours! I wish they did a green holo instead of so many beige-y toned ones.

So… DS Tapestry is a cool tone orangey-red jammed packed with yellow and silver holo! I’m loving this one!



Hehe thank you for the highest amount of unique hits I got yesterday! I think its because of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean swatches 😉


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