OPI DS Sapphire

Last night was a dreadful night. My legs were aching and I’m so tired but I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning in bed and I felt like it was hours!! Eventually I slept but I’m still tired. 😡


Anyway today’s notd is OPI DS Sapphire! It is a slivery-blue holo which is so gorgeous! I’m sorry I keep using OPI Designer Series for my notd recently but I so need a holo to spice up my nails a little bit! I could still see visible nail line at 2 coats so I did 3! A pity these weren’t that pigmented if not I could use this for konad. Also, I feel that OPI Designer Series bottles are SO SO SO FRAGILE!! When I was opening the bottle, I felt that I could break it instantly if I use more strength!



So… last night I went to one of my Dad’s friend daughter’s 21st birthday party and it was awesome! The food, the planning, the decoration! I love the theme… guess what?

Hello Kitty cookies all packaged nicely in a Hello Kitty wrapper!

Look at the huge Hello Kitty cake!! And that table full of Hello Kitty goodies, wow!

Cuteness overload. Hello Kitty cookie + Hello Kitty cupcake! The icing on it was a little too sweet but I love it anyway 😉

Apparently one of their relatives made all of these. WOW. So talented and they’re delicious! I’d love to engage her to make me an Eeyore cake for my 21st, if that’s possible! 😀 Haha, completely off topic for these but I just wanna share

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