China Glaze Pelican Grey

Its Monday again… but I’m kinda looking forward to this week because I’m going for a short vacation with my parents and boyfriend to Genting, Malaysia this Thursday! 😉 For me, I love going there just for the cool breeze (because it is so damn hot in Singapore!!!) and also for the fresh seafood and the theme park! My parents just love the casinos there, so typical of adults lol!


Anyway, today’s feature is China Glaze Pelican Grey from the Anchors Away Spring 2011 collection! The grey is slightly blue-ish, and there’s specks of silver shimmer which I love! I love the pigmentation on this one, so creamy and flows on my nail like butter. 1 coat was actually sufficient but I did 2 anyway.



P.S. Sorry, I know I promised to put up swatches of Silver Shatter on the POTC collection but I was working the whole day yesterday and I couldn’t do swatches and catch the sunlight. I promise I’ll do them asap! 😉


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