Silver Shatter Swatches & Review

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be doing a part 2 of OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection with Silver Shatter. For those of you who have not checked out the swatches and review of that collection, click here. I did not use Planks A Lot because its a great stainer and I don’t want to mess up my cuticles when removing!

So here’s the polishes that I used from the POTC collection!

With Silver Shatter over it:


Honestly, it looks meh with bright pastel colours because the hot silver totally covered everything up! I suggest using Silver Shatter with darker, vampy colours so that the Silver Shatter and the colour underneath stands out. It doesn’t crack as much as Black Shatter, maybe because of the shimmers. My index finger has the thinnest layer of Silver Shatter so it cracks fairly well into smaller pieces. The rest of my fingers I used a thick coat and it resulted in only one or two big cracks. Mermaid’s Tears have only one crack at the side which was a major fail. (Sorry my pictures weren’t that clear because the sun is quite strong today!)

But the good thing about Silver Shatter is that you don’t really have to use a top coat because it looks really shiny. Also it doesn’t peel off unlike Black Shatter w/o the top coat. And, the polish doesn’t really get clogged up on the neck of the bottle because its more diluted compared to Black Shatter.

To further justify Silver Shatter… I used darker colours as my base! (my index fingernail broke at the side, hence its looking really weird!!)

Look how awesome it is over darker colours! โค I'm lovin' it *plays MacDonald’s song*



So… don’t waste your time putting Silver Shatter over light pastel shades cause it doesn’t really show the full potential of the shatter. I’m loving this purple/blue combination with Silver Shatter so I did a full manicure!

I hope this entry helps if you’re deciding whether or not to purchase Silver Shatter!


6 thoughts on “Silver Shatter Swatches & Review

  1. Hi there, you have lovely long nails.
    Just wondering, did you buy these colours or got sent then? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Would like some sent to me in NZ!

    • Thank you! I did mention in the post that these were purchased by me from Tammy. Her link can be found in the post! You can email her and see whether she sends them internationally!

  2. Beautiful swatches Shona! I really love the last combo you did and your nails are just lovely. I wasn’t completely sold on the Black Shatter, but I really am loving the Silver version….it’s so delicately pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚ (PS: I’m adding you to my blogroll!)

    • Thank you! I think silver shatter is much more interesting than black shatter! ๐Ÿ˜€ Cus it’s shimmer which gives it more bling! I’ll add you to my blogroll as well! I love your swatches!

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