OPI Wing It!


Its 2.51AM and I can’t sleep so here’s a impromptu swatch of OPI Wing It! It is a beautiful coral shade with pink shimmer but its too sheer for my taste. What’s pictured is 3 coats and there’s still visible nail line! I doubt this will be fully opaque at 4 or 5 coats.



I think I got a bad bottle of this colour, because the formula was really thin and watery, nothing like the usual OPI formula! Anyway, photos are taken indoors at midnight, hence the lighting and the clarity of the photos are really off!! I apologise for that because I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise because I took them off right after the photo taking! It’s a torture looking at my nail line through the polish, I can’t stand it for some reason…

I’ve been wondering… How am I supposed to post more nail swatches when school is starting in 2 weeks time?? >;( I do hope I have no 8AM or 9AM lessons so that I can at least post swatches on a regular basis!

That aside… I’m going to head to bed now because I need to get up really early later to do some swatching! đŸ˜€


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