Chanel Paradoxal


Kill me now… I’m going overseas in 2 days and I’m having a severe blocked nose. I’m sneezing every few seconds and my nose is like a running tap. >;( I really hate it when I’m down with the flu. I rather have a fever than a flu because I’m so uncomfortable right now! My nose is red and when the tissue touches my nose area, I kinda cringe a little because it hurts to blow out all the unslightly stuff in it.

Anyway, it’s Chanel’s Paradoxal on my nails today! I’m not sure how to describe this colour… its a dark taupe-y purple with a subtle purple shimmer that stands out when under the sunlight! (My photos doesn’t show the shimmer! :/) I don’t have a great wear for Chanel’s polishes. Chanel’s Black Pearl chipped in a day when I did practically nothing. All I did that day was shopping. But I really like Chanel’s polish brushes and the application was smooth and clean. I barely need to do any clean up! These were only two coats, with one coat of Seche Vite!




I’m supposed to go register for my driving today but I couldn’t wake up ;( Its all the way at Bukit Batok which is about … 15 MRT stops away from my place!

Also… yesterday I went to PNC Traders at Chinatown which is my favourite nail supplies store (google PNC Traders for the address!!) to get more polish remover. But besides getting 3 bottles of those, there was a new polish display from OPI and its… …. Femme de Cirque 2011 Softshades collection! I saw the exact same display at my local mall and it was going for $18 per polish which is seriously overpriced. I wanted to get only ‘I Juggle… Men‘ from PNC Traders but they only sell it as a whole collection, meaning I must get all 4 shades from that collection. So guess what?? (you can pretty much figure everything out since I’m a nail polish addict!!) Besides, they were only going for $9.50 per polish which was amazing for new collections!!!! I’m going to PNC Traders again today because they gave me double polishes yesterday, how annoying. I got 2 of ‘So Many Clowns… So Little Time’ and I’m missing ‘Step Right Up!’

Anyway, swatches of that collection will either be up tomorrow or next Monday 🙂 Have a lovely Wednesday! (I think I ranted too much in this post!)


2 thoughts on “Chanel Paradoxal

  1. hi babe, love your blog posts on nails! 🙂 just a quick check, does PNC Traders sell OPI polishes for below 10bucks or are my eyes playing tricks on me when you said that they sold those new collections at 9.50 per bottle? O_O i love OPI colours but they are always so expensive! do they also sell the black shatter one at a lower price there? i bought mine for about $20+ and i love it but it’s gonna kill my wallet if i want to continue buying it in the future. :/

    • Hello!! Glad that you enjoyed my posts 🙂 yes PNC sells their OPI at $9.50 per bottle. For old collections or classic colors, you can buy them individually. But for the newest collections, you have to buy the whole set to enjoy the $9.50 per bottle deal. For example, Pirates of the Carribbean collection has 7 polishes, you have to get all of them to enjoy the great bargain!

      Haha I dont think they have black shatter instock because it wasn’t on display when I went recently! I hope that helps!

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