Haul: OPI and Nail Art Accessories @ PNC Traders!


Yay my first haul post!!! So I went to PNC Traders again today to swap my double polishes and bought a few more goodies for myself! I’ll list the prices and my thoughts on these products so not to worry! PNC Traders has become my favourite nail supplies store because some of the things there are actually very cheap! (compared to other places. Of cause, some of their stuff is expensive like acrylic paint etc which I will turn to eBay!)

I did not feature OPI Femme de Cirque Softshades collection in this haul because I’m going to give detailed reviews and swatches of them! So let’s move on…

Nail Polish Remover, $4.50 each for 16 fluid ounces which is about 473ml!

I seriously love their nail polish remover. I can’t compare these with OPI, Seche or Zoya Remover Plus because I have none of those but it removes fairly easily with just a swipe of a cotton ball. I’ve been buying from them ever since and I stock up quite abit because I don’t want to keep going back there to get more. (at the same time, I wouldn’t be spending more money on polishes!)

They also have many different nail polish removers, like pure acetone, $5.50 each and those without acetone! (I didn’t ask for the price, sorry!) I have one bottle of pure acetone from PNC and its powerful. It’s so great at removing glitter!

Toe Separators, $0.60 each
Rhinestones Picker, $2.50 each

This is actually my first pair of toe separators! Haha I usually try to keep my toes apart when I’m painting them and its sooo hard! I have to redo my toes many times because they don’t stay still for long. I didn’t get a proper rhinestone picker before because it was retailing at around $6+ for the exact same piece online and I didn’t buy it because of the price! So I actually used my dotting tool to pick up rhinestones before. So no more using dotting tools to pick up rhinestones šŸ˜‰

OPI Polishes, $9.50 each (From left: Purple With A Purpose, Green-Wich Village, Sweet Heart)

I picked up Sweet Heart and Purple With A Purpose because it was highly recommended by Elle and Blair in their Youtube videos! Green-Wich Village was an impulse buy, I just wanted a weird shade of green to add to my collection.

Logo stick-ons, $4 per packet

Ahhh… these are pretty cute! Who wouldn’t want brand names on their fingernails? I HAVE TO GET IT. There are other brand names as well like Cartier, Gucci etc. There wasn’t any Chanel ones šŸ˜¦ There is only silver left for YSL while the other brands are all in gold. Hehe, I’ll try to put these on my nails someday.

Microbeads, $3 each

I did buy coloured microbeads from eBay but they came in lots of different colours but not gold and silver. Also, the ones that I got from eBay didn’t have such user-friendly packaging as these. They came in bottles with the cap completely shut and there’s no way to get the beads out. My brother suggested putting the bottles in a plastic bag and hit them with a hammer so that the bottle will break and I can transfer the beads to another place. Great idea!

Alright, that’s about it! šŸ™‚ Bye~


34 thoughts on “Haul: OPI and Nail Art Accessories @ PNC Traders!

    • You should definitely go check it out! They have the newest collections of OPI at only $9.50 each!! šŸ˜‰ whenever I go there, my heart skips a beat becuz I love there so much hahaha

    • This is their address!
      PNC Singapore Traders
      34 Upper Cross Street
      Singapore 050034

      Go to Chinatown MRT and go to Exit C.
      Cut cross 1st floor of OG! Then you turn to your left you can see a blue building across the street! Just walk straight and you will find Blk 34!

  1. hey just stumble across ur blog , ive been to pnc but didnt really dare to buy much of the opi there cuz im not sure if it is authentic ? Do u think it is real since it is only 9.50?

    • It is authentic šŸ™‚ a shop with license wouldn’t risk to sell fake items. Besides, they always have new collections coming in :>

  2. Thanks a lot i feel reassured šŸ™‚ 9.50 is such a good deal , I’ve been buying Opi at 23$ in e past :X ! definitely going back thr thanks a lot that was a fast reply ! the ysl logo is so pretty got to check that out too cuz previously didnt see it at all lols šŸ˜› God bless u !

    • Oh wah don’t buy OPI at departmental stores!!! Buy online or at PNC! šŸ™‚ haha I wouldn’t recommend or even buy OPIs if they’re fake!

      Haha thank you! I’m online 24/7! the power of iPhone lol šŸ™‚

  3. yeah i will never buy at departmental stores already spent a bomb on it too late lols :X ! Wow pnc has online store can i have e link? so convenient ! šŸ˜› yeah the power of iphone hehes šŸ˜› I love love nail polish so much hahas šŸ˜€

  4. opps hahas read wrongly ! icic have u bought from thr before ? i shall try that out thanks a million :D! I’ve heard abt 8ty8beauty and headtotoe have you made purchases from thr and if so was it a good experience ? šŸ˜€ thanks once again šŸ˜›

    • Haha yes I always buy from her, ever since 2009! I did mention her in quite a number of posts already! ^^

      For 8ty8beauty and headtotoe, I’ve not purchased from there before. I find it very hard to navigate and find the polishes I want! I always get mine from Transdesign! Prices are almost the same from all the sites! You can place your order for Transdesign at http://smoochiezz.livejournal.com! šŸ™‚

  5. ic wow u have a lot good websites hahas thnx !!:D transdesgin seems good but ive heard that their shipping charges are quite ex , how does it go btw ?

    • Yeah their shipping is expensive! So I suggest you join sprees at Smoochiezz! Just follow the order form given at her site for the spree! šŸ™‚

    • They have about 8-10 of them and I can only name a few because I didn’t go through all the names :/ DS Magic, Mystery, Illuminate, Classic, Reflection etc

    • They used to have alot of stocks before so I’m not sure about why they don’t have more instocks now. I’m concentrating more on Gelish now, and have stopped buying normal nail polishes for awhile now. I do have my own supplier for these nail polishes so I don’t get from PNC anymore šŸ™‚

  6. Hi erm can I ask if you know PNC stocks nail polish thinners? As i couldnt find it on their website and dont want to go there and not find any hehe..thank you!

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