Haul: T-shirts, Nail Polish, Rings… … at Genting!


Hey guys, I’m back! 😉 It sucks not being able to blog for the past three days, I felt like I was being constrained! I had a lovely time, well-spent with my family! There wasn’t alot of things to buy at Genting but I managed to score a few! My boyfriend and I did go to the theme park but many of my favourite rides were temporarily closed! So we didn’t even ride any of the thrilling rides because  it was either long queues for the rides or they were closed! 😦 😦

But we did shop alot…

Owl Rings: RM10 each
I’m obsessed with rings and owls. Perfect combination. I think I have about 5-6 owl rings already but that didn’t stop me from getting more! There is a Thailand fair when I was at Genting, a huge booth with lots of accessories, apparels, bags and shoes! It’s so hard to get such rings for only $4.20 in Singapore! (I divide Singapore’s currency against Malaysia’s currency of 2.38!)

Cute Handphone Straps: 4 for RM10
AHHHH so adorable!! I spotted the dolphin one first and that made me buy the other three since it was going for $10 for 4! I might give these away to my friends but I want to keep the dolphin one! 😀


Elianto Nail Polishes: RM10 each (Top photo: Shining Ebony, Persian Indigo, Mahogany; Bottom photo: Glittery Nickel, Burnt Umber, Racing Green)

I know I can get Elianto nail polishes in Singapore but they are so much cheaper in Malaysia! I love the packaging for this collection, kinda reminds me of Anna Sui! They have this rose pattern on the bottle cap which I did not capture in my photo! And I love that such drugstore brands have names!!!!! I really hate codes for my polishes.


Junkfood Tees: RM33 each
These were a steal!!!! Authetic Junkfood tees at only RM33! I didn’t know Genting had a FOS (Factory Outlet Store), there’s a whole lot of American brand tees at cheap prices! I think these were old designs hence the need to clear them. My boyfriend got 2 of these tees as well 🙂

That’s pretty much everything I’ve got! I’ll be back doing swatches/ nail-of-the-days from tomorrow! 😀 thanks for looking!


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