Flower Striped Nail Art Design

Hey guys, so this post is going to be a short one! I’m late in meeting my friends! We’re going to watch our juniors perform in the Singapore Youth Festival for bands. There’s a grading for this and the categories are: Certificate of Participation, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold with Honours! The last syf that I’ve participated, my band got a GWH! I hope this year it would be the same too!

I don’t know where I got my inspiration from but I just did the drawings as I go! I alternated the designs for both hands so it kinda looks messy!

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

Again my left hand looks really awkward holding the bottle!!!!! :/

Polishes used:

OPI Sweet Heart as base colour
OPI Shorts Story (dots)
OPI Need Sunglasses
Art Deco – Silver Glitter
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer – Red
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer – White

P.S I want to dedicate this post to Kaiyun! Its her 19th birthday today! 😀 We’ve been friends for so long, this is the 6th year!


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