Deborah Lippmann Spring 2011: Swatches & Review


Hey guys! I have another spring collection that I’m gonna showcase today! Deborah Lippmann has slowly becoming one of my favourite luxury brand nail polishes! I love that her chunky glitters can be removed effortlessly and also the quality of the polishes. I own about 12 of them and I love every single one of them!



Naked is a beige-y tone nude leaning slightly dark, almost matching my skin tone. It doesn’t really stand out which is great for working ladies or for those who wants to achieve mannequin hands. Personally, I don’t feel Naked is worth the price because it isn’t that unique! There are other nude polishes from other brands at cheaper prices. But if you’re going for quality, then this is the one to pick!



Glitter In The Air… is a pink and blue hexagon glitter with silver smaller pieces suspended in a sheer baby blue polish. I shall quote Alizarine Claws that it looks like contaminated milk. I agree with this one. So interesting and different but yet weird.  It has more blue hexagon glitter than pink from my swatches and the only thing that I do not like about chunky glitters is that some of my nails have concentrated glitters at one area. I have to admit that I bought this polish because of how it looks in its bottle. So magical and it looks like fairy dust! There is still visible nail line when I did 3 coats so maybe a nude polish or a white underneath would make it look better.

A macro shot of Glitter In The Air

All swatches are 3 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite. Application was fab, no bald spots and no streaking! I know lots of people have issues with Glitter In The Air and other similar glitters from Deborah Lippman but I have no problems with that. I only waited for about a minute or so before applying the next coat. I think doing thin layers is much better for glitters as it dry faster and thus reduce the possibility of dragging the polish!

Overall, I’m biased towards Glitter In The Air just because it looks great in the bottle. Its either you hate it or you love it. I think it will look good with short nails because personally I don’t like seeing my visible nail line but its impossible to get a opaque shade for this. I’d probably layer Glitter In The Air over blue or pink so that the glitters in the polish will stand out.

Side tracking a little, I’ve no idea how why my codes doesn’t show up correctly on my sidebar. I used the text widget to try and add in Google Friend Connect so its easier for people to follow my blog but my codes ended up jumbled and the image doesn’t show! 😦 I tried following the steps here: but it still doesn’t work. Is my current theme the problem? :/


5 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann Spring 2011: Swatches & Review

  1. Omg!! You applied the Glitter in the Air color soooo well. I’ve tried the Naked/GA combination once and it was soooo hard to control where the glitter went. But yours turned out so perfect!!

    • Haha thank you! ^^ u have to let the polish dry first before you put another coat on! Try to do a thin coat so that the polish dries faster! I hope that helps tho 🙂

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