Flower Fimo Nail Design

Uptown Girl… She’s been living in her uptown world… I bet she never had a backstreet guy… I bet her mama never told her why… Wow I love this song alot. Brings back memories when I was nine when my dad brought home Westlife’s Coast to Coast album. I absolutely love that album. I think its their best album of all time!!



Color Club Uptown Girl is a taupe-y purple, very musky but I love it. It’s not too dark or too light, so it’s something in between. Even though now its spring, I still like to interchange my polish colours. Who says you can’t wear Fall colours during Spring right? Obviously I wasn’t going to leave my nails looking like that because last night I received my package from Hongkong. My 3D ceramic flowers and fimo canes are here! (I actually counted the canes because they didn’t look alot but in the end there was one extra! :D) I didn’t really like alot of the designs that I was given, since it was pretty random but at least there are some really pretty ones in my lot.



Ah, not my best design… I have no idea what I was doing the entire time. I just added flower fimo, silver micro beads and rhinestones randomly. Only the ring finger has a different flower fimo and a bonus 3D ceramic flower! At first I only added fimo to my index and ring fingers, so my other nails were bare with just random lines. But I added fimo to all of my nails at the last minute because I think the lines are horrendous and I wanted to cover them. Now I think it looks fine hahaha!

Polishes used:

Color Club Uptown Girl (base colour)
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer – White

This is the first time doing fimo on all of my nails. It feels so chunky and 3D, I love it! But then again… How am I supposed to open a can??? :/ I’d probably have a hard time taking them off too…

So I finally signed up for my driving last week and I’m going for a theory lesson later 🙂 Have a lovely Thursday everyone… just two more days till the weekends!


4 thoughts on “Flower Fimo Nail Design

      • ah, my bad. haha! where did you get the 3d designs?
        I use a chopstick to open the can, super easy! wont chip my nail also

      • haha I bought them from eBay! Just search for 3D ceramic flowers! Also, I bought 100 fimo canes instead of by sticks since its cheaper buying it in bulk! you can share with a friend, its seriously ALOT. LOL

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