OPI Smoki’n In Havana

Hello everyone, happy Saturday! I promised myself that I wouldn’t change my mani from yesterday’s but I got too bored last night that I have to switch it up! Today I have a special polish and its OPI Smoki’n In Havana! This is previously discontinued from OPI and OPI brought it back with other discontinued polishes because of 200,000 likes on her facebook page. (That’s what I can remember, I think) I purchased this about a month ago from Transdesign and I didn’t like it when I got it in my hands. It doesn’t look that awesome in the bottle but it’s so gorgeous on the nail!!


OPI Smoki’n In Havana is a bronzed red with a tint of brown and flooded with golden shimmer. YES, I DO MEAN FLOODED. There’s minimal visible brush strokes on this one but not that noticeable! I feel like this polish is a frost and a shimmer so its kinda cool. Shimmers are my favourite finish and I love this!!!! ❤ This deserve a heart because I once thought this was just a meh polish and it turned out great! I’m glad I got this… better get yours now before it becomes discontinued again! I couldn’t find a swatch for this polish through Google before I purchased, so I hope this post helps those who want to get yours 😉

(ah sorry, my camera cannot capture the golden shimmer!)


I am seriously dreading work today. I am so tired and grouchy. And I can’t believe my pay for March just got in a couple of days ago. I mean, its the middle of April already!! 😦


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