OPI DS Magic

Okay… I’m blogging at the time I’m supposed to be working. OPPS. I skipped work today because I was so so so tired!!!! I gave my workplace a lame excuse just to get out of work today πŸ˜› I know I shouldn’t have done that but… yesterday I went to work and it was so busy! Every table was calling for me and I had to take orders, refill their drinks, clear tables, top up their side dishes, set tables… I did things like 3x my normal speed. My legs were aching so badly that they still do hurt right now 😦 I also have a big bruise at my right knee, OUCH!


OPI DS Magic is a royal bluish purple duochrome with lots of shimmer. My camera couldn’t pick this shade correctly. Its so much darker in real life! I really like how the purple stands out against the blue. Again my camera can’t seem to focus and pick out the purple shimmer 😦


Yes I did cut my nails and file them down again. My nails do grow pretty quickly nowadays. I do like long nails but its hard to do daily chores but then again now I do feel like doing some nail art but the space is now restricted. I’m so fickle-minded!!


I hope you guys enjoy a great Sunday! I’m going back to school tomorrow and I’m excited to see my friends and classmates again! I’m just going to stay home and enjoy my last day of my holidays and also catch up on my sleep. I need to wake up at 7AM for school tomorrow, yikes!


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