OPI Femme de Cirque Softshades 2011: Swatches and Review

This year’s OPI Softshades collection really did catch my eye. First was I Juggle… Men and then I got hooked on the rest of the collection. I wasn’t even planning on getting the whole collection but I’m glad I did! 🙂 So here’s the swatches and review as always:


So Many Clowns… So Little Time is a sheer white with a tinge of beige. At first coat, it does kinda blends in with my nail colour. (yes, it is that sheer!) I did 3 medium coats for this and it kinda looks lumpy


Step Right Up! is a sheer white with a tinge of pink in it. It does look really similar with So Many Clowns… So Little Time but both of them have a slightly different undertone. Big splotch mess for the pinky… this is the problem bottle.


In The Spot-Light Pink is a sheer jelly baby pink. Surprisingly, this became my favourite of the collection! It’s so versatile, it goes with anything! I love that it isn’t a regular creme but a jelly! Such a soft pink… I feel like I want to eat it because it looks like the shade of cotton candy.



I Juggle… Men is sheer polish with very fine blue and purple microglitter. I wasn’t able to capture the beautiful shimmer ;( I don’t like this on its own, but I love it when its layered over darker colours. (I’ll update this post if I ever layer it over dark colours!)

a macro shot of I Juggle… Men

Overall, this year’s softshades are kinda surprising. Normally OPI doesn’t release a shimmer topcoat with softshades but I’m loving that they are doing something out of the box once in awhile! When I said Step Right Up is a problem bottle… it really is. The formula was thick and I felt that the brush was picking up more polish than its supposed to. I also experienced streaking at the first coat too. I did three coats for all polishes and I think that its the optimal number in order to get maximum coverage. They’re very bridal like and neutral, a fresh new semblance after so many different companies releasing loud/neons/glitter shades for their Spring/Summer 2011 collections.

Sorry I was so late in getting these posted up! I wanted to post them right after I got back from Genting but I kinda forgot and it dragged until today.


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