OPI Purple With A Purpose

Today, I slept on the train home from school and I missed my stop!!!! I hate it when I do that… its so irritating to alight and wait for the next train and the opposite platform! Anyway… I’m going to show you one of my favourite purples! I bought this in my recent haul at PNC Traders and I’m glad that I picked it up!


OPI Purple With A Purpose is a shimmering purple with very fine pink and blue microglitter. The microglitter is so tiny that I have to squint my eyes in order to see it! It also have visible brush strokes which doesn’t really matter to me 🙂 I did smudge my ring finger after a night’s sleep 😦 so do remember to let your nails dry fully first before sleeping if not you’ll end up like me.



I’m going to sleep early tonight cuz school’s at 10AM tomorrow! I’ll be sharing a new mani tomorrow 😉 I finally bought acrylic paints today and I’m pretty excited on using them! But I’d probably be trying them out this weekend so I might post some of my work if it turns out well! I need lots of practice with those because painting wasn’t my forte! I only got a B in art during secondary school, lol.


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