China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy + Orly Prisma Gloss Gold Topcoat

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I missed out Pink Wednesday yesterday but I painted these on last night so I’m not cheating right? :> It’s still Wednesday on the day that I’ve painted!!!! LOL.

Ok so I searched for untried pinks in my stash and I picked up China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. God, its so freaking bright and its kinda blinding me!! Its a coral pink and it neon so it dries matte. Seriously I don’t really own alot of matte polishes and mostly I do a topcoat because I like them to be glossy and shiny. I added Orly Prisma Gold Topcoat to add more shimmer/sparkles to my mani 😉 and also to tone down the mani abit haha it’s seriously VERY BRIGHT!



China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy really makes my skin tone darker which I’ve no idea whether it’s a good thing or not. But I really like how the topcoat really brightens up a mani (even though this is already TOO BRIGHT)



Did you notice the subtle sparkles/shimmer?? ;D

I did 4 coats of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy… yes I did 4 because it was really thick and it dried really fast so I have  to apply it really quickly which led to streakiness and bald spots. I can stop at 3 but I did 4 to have maximum coverage 🙂

Have a lovely Thursday! It’s gonna be Friday and the weekends soon, hurray!


6 thoughts on “China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy + Orly Prisma Gloss Gold Topcoat

    • Haha why you never use? I just hate it when all the glitters settle down and then I have to shake it up before I can use zzz and it really took me a good amount of shakes lol

      • I meant the flip flop fantasy, haha. too bright, makes my hands look really dark, weird. Think this will look nicer on super duper duper fair or tanned skin tones

      • Haha yes that’s the thing with neons!! It either makes my skintone alot darker or lighter!

        Lol maybe you should sell it away if you dont use it anymore 🙂

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