Autumn Leaves Nail Design, supposedly

I’m so tired tonight… but I managed to try my acrylic paints today! I got this set of paints from PNC Traders for $27.50! It’ll take me awhile to use/finish them so I hope I will utilise them.


But please prepared to throw up your last meal. I did a horrible job. I’m not a good painter. 😦 I got the inspiration from my bedsheets! They were just beside me so I thought I’ll try to recreate those on my nails. Oh well…

I must be giving you the impression that my bedsheets look horrible because of how my nail design turned out.


Sadly… I was so depressed with this that I didn’t do a full manicure. Too lousy to even show it in public. Sorry these pictures have a lousy quality because it’s midnight now! (as I am typing this… this manicure is in the past)


I just hope I get better! I know I can do better! 🙂

For those who wants to know the polishes in contributing to the puke manicure:

Bases: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, China Glaze Life Preserver
Other Polishes: China Glaze Tree Hugger, OPI Alpine Snow

Goodnight everyone! I’ll never look at my bedsheets the same again…


4 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves Nail Design, supposedly

    • ‘Letting your nails breathe
      – This always makes me laugh. In short….your nails are already dead, and in no way need to breathe. Actually keeping them polished is helping them, by keeping in your natural oils’

      copied from Chloe’s Nails!

      haha don’t need to let your nails ‘breathe’ at all! lol mine are yellowish as well :/

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