Elianto Glittery Nickel

Hey guys so after puke manicure… I immediately changed my polish into something much more refreshing! This is my first time wearing Elianto’s polish for NOTD so I’m pretty psyched!


Elianto Glittery Nickel looks like a musky dark purple-grey-blue with lots of silver shimmer. It is so much darker on my nails which is weird since the bottle colour shows the purple much more. But I really like the bottle colour so much better. And it sparkles like crazy, which is definitely a good sign for shimmer lovers like me!

Application was a breeze, drying time was excellent I didn’t have to wait for ages. It was abit on the thick side because of the brush but besides that, no problems.



I’m really surprised at Elianto’s polishes, they definitely have a good quality for this line which is Sparkling Diva Nail Colour. I’ve not tried their normal range yet but I’ll definitely try it in future! Their brushes are big, kinda in between of China Glaze and OPI. It picks up lots of polish so be careful on that one before it floods your cuticles!

Can you believe I’m going for a run later? Got forced in exercising because I’ve been eating too much lately. 😦


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