Essie Mesmerize

Hey guys! It drizzled a little in the morning and I was afraid I couldn’t take any photos! But luckily it was only a drizzle and it was sunny in just a few minutes! The weather isn’t on a good mood today, haha!

Today I have for you… Essie Mesmerize!


Honestly, I don’t own many Essies and this is my only bottle. The reason why? Its because I don’t have great experience with this polish. I dislike the brush. It’s too thin and sometimes it picks up alot of polish and sometimes it doesn’t. VERY FRUSTRATING. I have lots of problems with this one as well during application.


I mean… I know lots of people love Essies. But why did a get a problem bottle? I want to love Essie but I can’t. Maybe I should purchase some of Essie’s pinks and reds to justify my detest for this polish. Look at how thick the polish is at my ring and pinky! Eek, too thick because the brush suddenly thought it’d be great to flood my nails.

The polish is thick and groopy. Not good. I had a hard time applying this. Does anyone have similar problems to this polish??


Essie Mesmerize didn’t made it to my NOTD. I immediately took it off after photographing. I think no one have the same experience as I did. Sigh…


Ok… this shouldn’t be such a disappointing post. Lovely Saturday today but I have to stay home and finish up tutorials… there’s Taxation, Fundamentals of Finance and Financial Accounting to do… I’ve only just started on Taxation and my attention is on nail polishes instead lol!

Have a great Saturday! 🙂


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