Cookie Nail Art Design

So this is my second challenge that is requested by my scuba diving senior, Eleanor for a cookie design! I searched online for inspirations and I saw this photo which is so cute! I re-created this design so here it is!

I’m going to do a step-by-step tutorial 🙂

1. Paint a chocolate light brown base colour on all your nails except your ring finger which will be blue.


2. Add chocolate chip cookies by using a darker brown polish! Don’t do all dots, try random shapes and sizes!


3. Draw in Cookie Monster’s eyes and mouth!


4. Add wacky eyebrows and eyeballs


5. Lastly, add a topcoat and you’re done!


I did a variation on my left hand and added Elmo! I know Elmo doesn’t fit in the cookie theme design but I just thought it would be cute to add him in 🙂

It looks very thick but after adding on a topcoat it’ll smoothen everything out!


And voila, it’s done!


Polishes used:

All fingers except ring: American Apparel Make Up, OPI Can You Tapas This?

Relvon Red
OPI Hot & Spicy
OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Black Onyx

Cookie Monster:
OPI Dating a Royal
OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Black Onyx

I hope you guys enjoyed this picture tutorial 😉 any suggestions for upcoming nail art designs? I might give it a shot if it’s under my capabilities so do leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Cookie Nail Art Design

  1. I chanced upon your blog and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! 😀 Especially your nail art is just so great XD!!! But may I ask, when you put the top coat on the dried nail art, wouldn’t it run? Because I tried and the whole design got smudged by the top coat T-T I am so amazed by your skills!!! 😡

    • Hi there, thank you for your compliments!! 🙂

      I always allow my designs to dry for at least 15mins before putting on a topcoat! Try to put on a thicker topcoat so the design won’t smudge! Hope that helps!

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