OPI It’s Totally Fort Worth It

Hey guys! I just got home from a late night dinner/supper and I’m so full! I had dinner with my boyfriend’s family and relatives and they ordered so much food! I swear there’s at least 10 different dishes! But before we went for supper, we caught the Star Awards 2011 on the television and I was mostly paying attention to the fashion that our local celebrities are wearing.

Two celebs wore bright neon orange to the red carpet. Zoe Tay looks like she had a curtain draped around her. Another eye-dropping moment was went I saw Christopher Lee… oh my god he looks like Johnny Depp! Also, I love Xiang Yun’s plunging neckline. I wish I had that cleavage when I’m in my 40s. I love Fann Wong’s leopard print dress but not her hair. It really makes her face look longer than it really is. I didn’t manage to catch the nail polishes they’re wearing, I was too concentrated on their outfits!

Okay, enough with my rambling! This morning, I’m having a shaky moment, hence the messy pictures. Look at my fingers blocking every picture! I hate it when I take a photo of my nails, upload and when I’m editing it then I notice the blunders. So annoying!


I honestly didn’t see any bubbling on my thumb. I am looking at my thumbs now and it’s perfectly smooth. Weird.


But I shall admit there’s a tiny bubble on my index finger. I couldn’t wait for the layers to dry because I was rushing to go out.


OPI It’s Totally Fort Worth It is grey with subtle pink shimmer. Very noticeable in the bottle but not so much on the nails. I don’t like the application with this one. It’s thick and polish keeps getting clogged up at the neck of the bottle. Annoying. Also, it’s a little bit streaky. I’d reckon China Glaze Pelican Grey instead for a close dupe. I did 3-4 coats for maximum coverage.


4 thoughts on “OPI It’s Totally Fort Worth It

  1. It looks like light grey pearls. My boyfriend got it for me today. I love the color grey and grey pearls! I already have chanels black pearl polish so I said oh what the hek! My obsession with polish is a never ending cycle and battle. Oh why me!!!!

    • Its a very calming shade and I like it too!

      I feel you!!!! I keep buying polishes like it’s a necessity!! 😦 my wallet’s running dry but yet I still keep buying polishes… It’s like they’re calling for me everytime lol.

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