China Glaze Secrect Peri-wink-le


Did I get a bad bottle of this? Or is this the official spelling? China Glaze Secrect Peri-wink-le (as stated on my bottle label) is a purple based blue creme. It certainly does look alike to the real periwinkle shade. This was one of my first few China Glazes and I’m surprised that I’ve only used her twice. The colour is really calming and I really like it. It’s perfect on those days when I wanna wear a blurple.



One of my friends told me that I should watermark my photos. I don’t want to just because it’s really ugly and it’s attention-seeking. Oh well, I might watermark my photos in the future if I ever catch anyone using my photos without proper credit and linking back to my site. :/

Anyway… I have an interesting and fun stuff to show you all…


I got three sets of the Popin’ Cookin’ sets from Japan! If you’ve not seen this before, you NEED to check out RRcherrypie videos! She’s amazing!!!!

So after getting those kits, my boyfriend and I immediately went to make these candies! We did the donut one first so take a look….

Products included in the kit

Our result:


We made a big mess. Icing was everywhere, the nuts and rainbow flakies can be found on the floor etc. Overall, great and fun experience but you must have lots of patience. I did all the mould all the shapes and it was so taxing!! This is edible and we tried it and it was awful. The problem lies with the dough that we made. We added too much water, eek! But the icing was really good.

I’ll definitely do the other sets and photograph the results as well! 😉 Goodnight!


2 thoughts on “China Glaze Secrect Peri-wink-le

  1. I have this polish too, and I think I’ve only used it once. That should be the correct spelling if I’m not wrong, I know there are a lot of dashes in the name hahaha!

    I saw the video of those cooking sets! I was amused as I was watching them! Your donuts turned out looking really cute!

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