OPI DS Extravagance

So… my Nailvibe package never got to me. I am sad. It’s like throwing away money into the sea and  getting nothing! I should have opted for registered postage instead of trusting our local courier! To think that I could actually own OPI DS Diamond!!! 😦


OPI DS Extravagance is a deep purple filled with thousand specks of red, silver and pink shimmer! It is so much darker and classier in real life! I’d love this one if it’s not about the application problem :/


Pretty isn’t it?


I need to get more of OPI Designer Series. I’m hooked. This is the last polish of my DS stash that I’ll be showing you today! How sad… Anyway can you believe that this is my second bottle? Not because I’ve used up the first one but it’s because I broke it. I hate it when that happens. I placed my polish on a chair (yes, I know I’m so dumb!) and then I accidentally kicked the chair and the polish fell and broke into magical little pieces. (because this is holo~) So I went to order another one but I love the formula so much better from the first bottle. This one sucked though, it’s really thick and lumpy. So hard to get an even coat of this onto my nails. Yuck! All of my DS Series’ formulaes are really thin so I’m surprised by this one.


2 thoughts on “OPI DS Extravagance

    • Haha it’s the same seller which I bought my Misa’s from! She didn’t update with the designer series leh when I commented! Gonna email her now hehe

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