Make Up Store Madeleine

I didn’t know there was such a brand called Make Up Store. And neither was I aware that it had several outlets in Singapore until I googled and went to their website and saw their various outlets in different countries. I’m such a dummy ;P So knowing that they had a few holographic polishes, I went to the store at Vivo and picked up Madeleine and Greta (because these were the only holographic ones in the store). I figured I should pick up the holo polishes since it retails for $22 per bottle. (I might as well get those that are the most unique, hahaha! That’s my logic!)




Make Up Store Madeleine is a pale peach, leaning towards brown holographic polish. I’m at loss for words to describe holos because it’s beyond dazzling. I had to redo my manicure because I added a base coat and it didn’t work. I got lots of streaks and it dried up matte which is not what I wanted. I did my mani again without the base coat and it worked perfectly! This is 3 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite. This needed a topcoat because it wasn’t shiny enough and the holos weren’t that obvious.



;( I didn’t manage to take photos at home so these photos were taken in school! I apologise for the bad lighting… and it just sucks when the holo doesn’t show up!!! But fret not, I did film a nail polish haul video (which will be up hopefully by tomorrow) and you can see the pure holographic-ness of this polish in its glory. IT’S UP! If you’re just interested to see the holo, fast forward to 10.19 of the video!

I believe this is my first time having no nail polish bottles in all the pics! :O


4 thoughts on “Make Up Store Madeleine

    • 😦 yeah! I think it is so much cheaper in the UK right? 😉 I just checked out your blog and you have Barry M nail polishes! I can never get those in Singapore :/

  1. The reason why you got streaks and dried matte is because you have to use a product called Aqua Fix, also from the Makeup Store, underneath the polish. The holograms also show up a lot better when you use the Aqua Fix as well. Just an FYI 😉 (I own three of their hologram polishes)

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