Elianto Mahogany

I started watching ‘Naughty Kiss’ last night because I was on the couch after dying my mum’s hair and I was switching channels when I came across it. I didn’t watch it before because I still think the Taiwanese version; ‘It Started With A Kiss’ is so much better! That episode that I was watching yesterday was sort of the highlight of the show. It was their first kiss scene! IMO, the Taiwanese version did it better. But I find the Korean version is much more refreshing because of the different script lines and additional scenes.



Anyway, today I have for you… Elianto Mahogany! It is a reddish bronze brown with heavy yellow shimmer. This polish is awesome! It shows a tinted purple in the sunlight! Elianto is really great at doing shimmers, I love them! And it’s a big plus that they’re so inexpensive and available in Singapore! Sometimes I feel sad when I go to other nail blogs and they rave about other brand polishes that are so cheap because those can’t be found in Singapore! 😦 Brands like: Nubar, Sparitual, Wet ‘N’ Wild etc! Even if I can find them, they’re are bound to be overpriced.


Here’s a close up! Look how gorgeous the shimmers are!

P.S. Omg, I have very exciting news!!!! I am so happy right now!! I submitted my application form last week and I just received an email saying that I have an audition in school this coming Wednesday. Okay you must be thinking what audition it is. I’m not going to sing or dance or act. I’m going to audition to be a ‘ghost’. Yes… you heard that right! It’s an Halloween event for Night Safari and if I am selected to be a ‘ghost’, I get paid for scaring people on the whole month of October! How cool is that? ;P


6 thoughts on “Elianto Mahogany

    • Haha ya the storyline looks different from the Taiwanese version! I only managed to watch a few parts of episode one last night! So hard to get eng subs!

  1. Omg is it for Halloween horros at Night Safari!! How did you manage to get the job, that’s exciting! Please let us know which one you are gonna be, I’ll say hi when I pop by!! ^^

    • Haha yep Halloween Horrors! Haha that event is organized by my school so students get to audition if we’re interested! Haha I will let you know if I get selected! Hehe

  2. I don’t know anything about being a ghost (at least, not yet!) but I can say that this colour is just so pretty! I absolutely LOVE how well it compliments your skin tone!! Well done!

    • Yeah surprising how a cheap brand have such good quality polishes! You should definitely give this a try if you ever come across Elianto! 😉

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