OPI Big Hair… Big Nails + OPI Silver Shatter!

I woke up with good hair today. Very weird. Because my hair is really weak and thin and it tends to tangle up really well without me even trying. I’m still trying to find the perfect conditioner because it looks like Essential isn’t doing for me 😦



On to the polish:Big Hair… Big Nails is a sorbet jelly coral-red! It’s gorgeous! Sorbet finishes will look really good with short nails because personally, I don’t like polishes that are so sheer that there’s visible nail line. However, you can cover this shortcoming just by applying shatter!

I did a weird combi haha I guess no one has done before?



Big Hair… Big Nails flooded my cuticles on my left hand. I think I couldn’t control the applicator really well as the polish flows very nicely that it gets everywhere on the nail. (you get what I’m getting at, right?)

I should have taken pics before I applied the Silver Shatter but I somehow forgot! :/

Silver Shatter is awesome! I did a thin coat on my middle finger and a thick one on my thumb so you can see the difference! Thicker coats result in bigger pieces of shatter while thinner coats causes more defined and smaller shatters! I did a medium coat on the rest of my fingers, if anyone is wondering! (I did a review on Silver Shatter and how it looks layered over other polishes! I’ll post the link up once I’m on my laptop!)

I love the result of this! Now it doesn’t show any VNL, yay! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “OPI Big Hair… Big Nails + OPI Silver Shatter!

  1. Gorgeous NOTD!

    I noticed in your stash list that you have plenty of Sinful Colors nail polishes, is it ok if you can swatch them and review on them at your convenience? Im planning to get some but I hardly see any images on them on google 😦

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