Elianto Thistle

Happy Pink Wednesday!

I’m having my Halloween audition today and I’m so nervous! Haha I’m just gonna sit on a chair, stroking a doll’s hair and have slight spasms. Also, my original idea was to buy fake blood pills and let them drip out from my lips! Sounds good, no? But… I couldn’t find any fake blood pills at a party store near me so I shall forget about that!

I’ll let you know how it turns out! I really hope I’m in! :/


Today’s Pink Wednesday features Elianto Thistle! She is a muted lavender pink creme! I love this one! Sorry this isn’t a true pink for Wednesday but it’s still partial pink right? Hehe. I did 2 coats which was optimal and I think this one looks fairly close to OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender but I’m can’t be sure unless I did a comparison but unfortunately, I don’t own the OPI that I’ve mentioned.



I can’t get enough of Elianto! You need to try their polishes if you haven’t! Their brushes are okay, not flimsy. (I’m staring at you, Essie!) And the quality and the formulae is really top notch for its price!

P.S. Wish me luck for the audition! ^^


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