Sinful Colors Shausha and Sinful Colors Red Diamond: Swatches & Review

Good morning! Prettyseaeagle aka Eileen requested for swatches for all of my Sinful Colors polishes! I got those awhile back from a spree from Cherryculture and I’m guilty again of not using them. So here’s the perfect chance! 😀 Since I have 10 Sinful Colors polishes, I’m gonna take two steps at a time by showing you guys 2 different polishes! All swatches are 2 coats with no topcoat.

First up… Sinful Colors Shausha is a purple frost with golden shimmer! The golden shimmer shined through the purple beautifully. I can never expect how purple and gold could go so well together. I just don’t like the visible brush strokes part though. :/ besides that, this is my favourite Sinful from the others that I’ve purchased. It does not appear as dark as it would on the bottle with 2 coats so I’d suggest 3-4 coats for this.



Here’s a close up to see more detail!

Sinful Colors Red Diamond is a glass-flecked red with a tinge of coral with silver shimmer. It’s REALLY SHINY! When the light hits the polish, there’s a subtle purple tint thats glowing from it! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I definitely didn’t catch that in the bottle so what a surprise!



A macro shot of Red Diamond

Overall, I had a tough time swatching Shausha because of the visible brush strokes. Just be careful with that! The brushes also pick up more polish than it’s supposed to, but otherwise it’s okay. Just remember to swipe the brush at the neck before applying! Also, these are really creamy and I had a breeze applying these. Drying time was fine too, I cannot find a difference between these compared to the other brands (e.g. China Glaze) I wonder why Sinful Colors isn’t getting all the publicity as China Glaze. It cost less than CG per bottle and I think these polishes’ quality are able to match up to CG!

That’s all for today 😉 Look out for my next Sinful Colors swatch post!

P.S. Which ones would you want me to swatch first from Sinful? Head over to my Polish Stash and leave a comment 😀


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