It’s Pink Wednesday… again!

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday and it’s the only day that is certified as a pink day in the nail blogging community! 🙂


Look at Karen checking her butt out! Hahaha I love her so much!

I only had a few hours of school today and after that I went to cut my hair! My fringe is getting in the way and my hair at the back was all straight. I mean, the ends are all straight. Makes me look so boring so I decided to change it. My hair at the back is V-shaped now! 😉


Today I have a special combo mani! I did 2 coats of OPI Hoodoo Voodoo?!, 1 coat of Canmake Iced Strawberry and lastly added OPI Black Shatter! The glitters really shined through the shatter and gives it a little more oomph than usual!


I like Silver Shatter so much better. No messy chunks of polish clogging at the neck of the bottle. I wish they re-did Black Shatter’s formula though. It will make application abit easier!

I’m probably going to take a nap right after I post this! I’m so tired… but I deserve it because I stayed up very late last night to watch a Korean drama hahahaha 😛


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