Half-moon Leopard & Zebra Nail Design

Hey guys, its a lovely Sunday! No rain and the air isn’t that humid 😉 I wanted to buy Chanel’s Morning Rose a few days back but it was OOS! 😦 Singaporean readers, let me know if you manage to find Morning Rose ok??

Weekends are always great for creative nail designs! I always have the inspiration to do something at night haha. I’ve been wanting to do a half-moon mani and a leopard print for ages!!! So I decided to combine the two together and this is the result! I like how the seafoam blue-grey compliments the gold 🙂 Also, I think I need to get bigger rhinestones of a better quality because I’m kinda sick of the one I own. I did the half-moon freehand so it might look abit lopsided :/ I should have used the reinforcement rings idea to do a half-moon mani!



Polishes used:

OPI Glitzerland
China Glaze Sea Spray
OPI Hot & Spicy
Art Deco Gold Glitter
Amuse Nail Art Pen – Black
Art Club Nail Art Lacquer – Black

Anyway, I’m lovin’ leopard prints these days and I’m going to experiment with more leopard print designs! I like the fact that they’re so effortless to do but yet gorgeous!


2 thoughts on “Half-moon Leopard & Zebra Nail Design

  1. Hi! Did you use the Amuse Nail Art Pen or Art Club Nail Art Lacquer for the leopard “curves”? Where can I get them in SG? 🙂

    many thanks!


    • I used to use Amuse black nail art pen for the outline, u can get it from cherry culture.com from a spree!

      Now I use black acrylic paint with a nail art brush! 🙂

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