OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

I couldn’t find this anywhere… be it online or in stores! (well there’s probably stock at departmental stores but I’m not paying $23.55 for a bottle of OPI when I can get it for $10 elsewhere) I couldn’t find a decent swatch of it online and lots of Youtube gurus are raving about it so… I finally saw it at Ministry of Cube at my nearby mall and I got so ecstatic! That day, I wanted to buy Chanel Morning Rose instead but when I went to the counter, the lady said it was sold out. To be honest I was disappointed but then again, I was able to pick up Coney Island Cotton Candy and a couple of OPIs!

Last night, I’ve received my Illamasqua polishes! πŸ˜€ Gonna post swatches up soon, I promise!


OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy is a soft neutral peach. I did 4 coats for this. It was rather streaky and there was bald spots. 3 coats didn’t really cover them up so I did 4 for maximum coverage. I know most of you out there won’t do 4 coats for a polish but the colour really justifies when you reach 4 coats. The 1st coat was very neutral, almost musking the colour of my natural nails which I think it does look chic for office working ladies!



Today is Vesak Day, a public holiday but I’m in school now doing my project with my lovely bunch of poly mates πŸ™‚(That was supposed to sound sad but it ended up being happy… LOL?)

Have a great Tuesday! Any pink ideas for Pink Wednesdays tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

  1. I love this colour! I am obsessed with OPI polishes, i collect them and so far have collected quite a few! Another colour you might like is Mod About You…very similar to this one!

    • Haha I’ve heard of that as a great pastel pink but its not so similar to Coney Island Cotton Candy!

      I’ll definitely pick up Mod About You if I see it! πŸ˜€ thanks for stopping by!

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