Hot Pink Leopard Nail Design

Hey guys!! It’s another Pink Wednesday! I was re-watching Mean Girls from my iPod a few days back on my way to school and I still love the part where Cady transformed herself to fit into one of the Plastics. And I still think Mrs. George is weird, who’s with me??

‘Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya.’

I’m still in the leopard print mood this week so I did a hot pink one! 😉 Initially, I am supposed to use OPI Sparrow Me The Drama as my base but I ended up picking OPI Shorts Story as base instead (when it’s supposed to go as the dots!) *__* I’m not in the right mind hahaha



Polishes used:

OPI Shorts Story
OPI The Show Must Go On!

It’s Wednesday… two more days till the weekends 😀


6 thoughts on “Hot Pink Leopard Nail Design

    • Hi! What I did was to put random dots all over the nail and then outline it with black! If you search on YouTube, you’ll be able to see lots of live demo!

      Hope that helps! ^^

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