Topshop Airplane

Last weekday of the week!!! 🙂 but however I’m not that happy for the weekends because I have 3 tutorials to complete and also study for my Financial Accounting test on Tuesday :/

One of the polishes that I got from Topshop is Airplane! It is a dark blue, with a slight tinge of green. I love this one!

This is just one coat!! Look at the crazy shine!

I mattified it using Rimmel’s Matte Finisher! This can be easily found at selected Watson stores!


Like I said in my previous post, I am so impressed with Topshop’s nail polishes! The quality of the polish is superb, a one coater! The downside is that the brush length was uneven for a few bristles and also this stained my nails ALOT! I had a hard time getting rid of the stains. I used a buffer, pure acetone but there’s still some left at my cuticle area 😦

Have a great Friday and remember to choose your seat in the car 😛 (hahaha do you get it??)

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