Illamasqua Spring/Summer 2011: Purity and Bacterium Swatches & Review

Good evening!! I just completed 2 tutorials and revised abit for my test so I guess I need a break so here I am!! 😉

Today I have for you 2 polishes from Illamasqua Toxic Nature collection for Spring/Summer 2011! I managed to buy these because of a spree held by 2 wonderful people, Jo and Hydaia from Miss-Jo Spree! Furthermore, there was a 20% discount on all items which was a great deal because I saved quite abit on money! I picked up the nail polish duo because they’re much cheaper compared to buying them individually and I was simply lured to Bacterium and got the duo which had Purity in it too. (£21.00 for 2 polishes in the duo compared to £13.50 individually)



Bacterium is a taupe brown frost with blue silvery iridescent shimmer, 2 coats. I am not in love with the frost finish because frost doesn’t really work on my nails!It’s an ugly pretty colour… I still can’t decide which catergory I’m gonna place this in!




Under sunlight



Purity is a type of peach that isn’t a pastel and not under brights, it’s something in between, 2 coats. It is leaning slightly more to pink. This brings out the tan in my hands which I really like!


The application on these were not too bad, in fact they are marvelous! Purity was opaque in 1 coat, I gotta say I am very impressed! Bacterium was on the thin side and slightly watery. I think I might do a third coat if I do wear Bacterium out the next time.

6 thoughts on “Illamasqua Spring/Summer 2011: Purity and Bacterium Swatches & Review

    • Haha but I think it looks horrendously pretty 😉 unique and dirty haha kinda my type! It’s just that my application with this wasn’t the best :/

  1. Bacterium looks amazing! I’m gonna need to get that. I have a MAC pigment that is similar but a little more vivid. This would be an awesome compliment and something I could wear to work.

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