Misa Never Say Never

Happy Sunday! I’m going to be finishing my last tutorial and then hopefully able to do my last practice paper for Financial Accounting tonight! My boyfriend and I are gonna watch ‘Fast & Furious 5’ later which I’m not so excited about. (I can only remember that irritating song sang by a girl ‘if you say it then you mean it then you know you have to go, fast and furioussss’) Apparently all males are excited about cars… Lol

Anyway, back to nails… I purchased the whole Misa Wishes collection about a month back and I’ve not swatched the rest yet, oops! So here’s one out of the six! 🙂


Misa Never Say Never is a soft grey metallic with lots of silver and purple shimmer. The purple isn’t that visible but you can definitely see it if you compare it to a true silver!

The finish is somewhat matte and they dry flat, which I’m not a fan of. Definitely need to put on a topcoat for extra shine!




The formula was thick, just like a normal Misa formulae. How I wish it doesn’t dry flat if not I’d love it to bits!


2 thoughts on “Misa Never Say Never

  1. I think it looks amazing on you!

    I’m still waiting for my order of this collection to arrive… I hate waiting.

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