Loot Post: F21 & ASOS!

(Sorry for the uneven sizes of the pics! Will edit it when I get home!)

I ordered a whole bunch of stuff this week so I might as well do a loot post! 🙂 I hope this doesn’t pass me on like I’m bragging. I’m just sharing styles that I like! No haters, please!

I got a couple of stuff from F21 because it is my fave brand and very affordable!! I don’t really like shopping at the retail store in S’pore because it is so hard to find the clothes I want cus it’s really messy in there :/


Mint Smocked Maxi Dress! I love maxi dresses because it makes me feel taller since I’m only 1.59m! This is the first time seeing a mint maxi dress so I had to get it! A big contrast to my skin tone, I’d probably look much tanner with this.

Owl Ear Studs. How cute are they??? 😀 I just cannot resist anything owl on accessories. It’s my soft spot. Lol!

Cupcake Ear Studs. These are cute too!! 🙂 it think I can translate this to a pretty design on my nails!

Navy Bow Ring. Again… I’m a sucker for rings, especially cute plastic kinds!


I took advantage of the free international shipping and ordered only 2 items! One of them is a surprise gift for my boyfriend for our anniversary month this Thursday but it looks like my package won’t arrive by that time :/

Navy Beach Crotchet Dress. I love the detailing and how it flares at the sides at the bottom!

Okay that’s all! 😉


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